Friday, September 11, 2009

Avid Media Composer version 4.0 announced

Along with the new version (4.0) of Media Composer™ software, Avid yesterday announced new versions of their Symphony™ (4.0), and NewsCutter® (8.0) professional editing software solutions.

What's new?
  • Mix and match SD and HD formats, frame rates, and resolutions all within the same timeline
  • Allow Pro Tools editors to sync with Mac-based Media Composer systems through Video Satellite
  • Encode and deliver final masters in Panasonic AVC-Intra format, and let projects remain in their native format from acquisition to final delivery
  • Instantly access and edit GFCAM 50- and 100 Mb-formatted media through AMA
  • Be more creative and productive with new updates to the included Production Suite: new versions of Boris Continuum Complete, Sorenson Squeeze and SmartSound SonicFire Pro.
  • Improved Stereoscopic 3D editing: Enables customers to view 3D material side by side in addition to over/under - ensuring greater accuracy of editing decisions and a wider choice of cost-effective monitors for stereoscopic viewing.
  • Monitoring HD and SD cross-and-down converted formats from 1080p24 masters: Enables customers using Mojo DX or Nitris® DX hardware to view HD material on an SD monitor, eliminating the need to incur additional hardware costs.
Pricing remains at US $2,495 box, $2,295 download, $295 students. Upgrades: TBD, but probably the same: $295-$495.

Availability: September 30, 2009.

Note: Avid Media Composer v3.5, Avid Symphony v3.5 and Avid NewsCutter v7.5 will no longer be available for purchase starting on September 10, 2009. All orders accepted after this date will ship Avid Media Composer v4.0, Avid Symphony v4.0 and Avid NewsCutter v8.0.

Customers who purchased current software after September 1, 2009, are entitled to a free upgrade to the new version. Contact for more info.

DV411 ProEdit systems currently qualified for Avid solutions, are expected to remain qualified with the new versions. Please visit our Avid-qualified systems page for more info.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

4U 67TB Server

BackBlaze is an online backup service company that, not unlike Google, builds their own data centers. Their recent breakthrough: a 4U storage 67TB RAID6 server that they designed themselves and graciously posted online. 67TB in just 4U isn't easy because most readily available 4U storage boxes house 16 drives, with very few accommodating 32. This one houses 45, along with a motherboard and two power supplies. With 2TB 7200rpm drives now shipping, a 90TB version can't be too far away.

The server's two power supplies aren't redundant; if one fails, the system is down until it is replaced - however this is version one. The interface is standard vanilla Gigabit Ethernet - which works well for BackBlaze because that's all they need. For uncompressed HD or 4K, you would still need something faster, like 4Gbit Fiber or 12Gbit Mini-SAS. Still, this design is good news for video editors: BackBlaze shows that it is possible to build huge storage boxes on a budget, and maybe one of these days, there will be an affordable online backup service geared toward large media files.

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